The FEAT Travel Difference

The one thing that makes Feat Travel so unique is our passion for education, fun and travel. This passion is felt by every single person that goes on tour with us, and that passion is felt in the memories that each student and teacher will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

We know that students can only learn so much from books and lectures. For real understanding, a young person must have an interactive experience in order to truly appreciate what they are learning. This is where Feat Travel excels.

At Feat Travel we offer more than just a great vacation. We provide educational tour programs that incorporate practical learning and tremendous amounts of fun, for an experience that will never be forgotten.

Whether it is learning more about history by visiting the site of the World Trade Center, experiencing space travel from the heart of NASA’s Student Astronaut Training Center, or seeing justice in action at the Supreme Court, Feat Travel can custom tailor a tour to meet your educational and budgetary needs.

So come join us for a fun and captivating educational American tour and we will share a new teaching moment, a new history lesson, a new food, a new culture, a new scientific principle, and most of all, a new friend!

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